“One year in” by Jonny Lyman


It has now been one full year since I joined Links Labels & Tapes, the time has flown by and I am happy to report that the company has been very busy indeed!

In the last twelve months we have taken delivery of three new machines, moved to an extended shift pattern and welcomed a number of new colleagues to the team. In conjunction with this we have continued to improve our production capabilities and strengthen relationships with key suppliers. This has allowed us to provide the best labelling solutions and ancillary services to cater to our customers’ many and varied requirements.

I have enjoyed the past year immensely and have been lucky enough to work on a number of exciting projects with customers from a wide variety of industries. I must thank my colleagues for all of their support and shared knowledge during this period, and our customers without whom Links Labels & Tapes could not prosper and grow in such a fashion.

We have big plans for the future and many exciting times ahead, I look forward to sharing these with you as they unfold.

Best Regards,
Jonny Lyman

Business Development Executive