Multilayer Labels


We can produce the widest variety of multilayer labels currently in the UK: Wet Peel, Dry Peel, Leaflet, Multi page and Peel and Reveal labels to name a few.
These are great if you have limited space on your product and desire to provide your clients with more detailed information. For instance providing increased legislation information, adding ingredients, offering additional languages or even terms and conditions on the pages beneath. We offer two and three layer label options giving you a maximum of five printed sides in both paper and synthetic materials.

The two main types of Multilayer labels are Wet Peel and Dry Peel.

Wet peel labels are designed to peel and reseal usually with a permanent spine (like a book) along 1 side. We can also incorporate an easy peel killed adhesive tab for easier opening.

Dry Peel labels are designed for promotional/coupon labelling so that when the top layer is peeled open it comes away from the base label with no adhesive remaining on either part. This is suitable as a voucher or for collection purposes for a promotional item.

Options to consider:

  • Labels can be Die Cut to any shape.
  • Perm spine/Hinge position (including barn door option)
  • Easy peel section/tab

Print options –

  • Single colour or full colour print on all pages for the 3 or 5 page options.
  • Enhancement of the label by using Cold-Foils (metallic or holographic). Note foils can only be added to pages 1,3 or 5.
  • Digital print options for both small and medium quantity orders or where variable data is required for promotional labelling.
  • Variable data (numbering/bar-coding and unique numbers) can be printed on any side of the label pages.
  • Combination printing using both Flexographic and Digital technology for specific purposes.

We offer solutions to almost any requirements you have regardless of how complicated they seem. We have developed our presses to give us the ability to produce Multilayer labels both single and multiple passes using our special re-registration equipment. To take advantage of this, several complex wet peel constructions use combination print, both traditional Flexo and Digital to be as cost effective as possible whilst enhancing the quality at every stage.